Re: Linux Disk Performance


Hi Heiko, Hugo, Ernst

You've been a VERY BIG help to me; my learning curve is steep - thanks again for this always very quick assistance!

The reception station is now working well.

According to Ernst's tip, I managed to set up the channel directories in the tellicast- and EUMETCastView-*.ini files (for all current BAS- and HVS-1 channels)
> see attached files
Maybe someone may want to use and fit them according to his/her needs... (lots of typing, uncommenting, copy/pasting work, etc.) :-P

** The next project...**
... is getting to know and setting up EUMETCastWatcher, as I don't need all files.
As pointed out by Ernst in his EUMETCastView-HowTo, there are other ways to filter out "unwanted" data.

But for now, I use it to discover what different kinds of data are transmitted, on what channels, which filename conventions there are, etc.

Einen guten Wochenstart w√ľnscht Euch

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