Re: EUMETCastView on GNU/Linux

Ernst Lobsiger

Ho Oliver and Christoph

This is a common problem with 3D functions in Linux card drivers.
Windows drivers are normally provided by manufacturers while
Linux drivers are often reverse engineered. When I started to
make the 3D globe work I finally had to buy a cheap vNidia card
and go with the proprietary nVidia X-driver (that's normally not
done a on a Debian box). If you have an AMD card supported by
the amdgpu (not the older radeon) driver it might run out of
the box. Intel GPU (on board) graphics is well supported too.

Bottom line:

- nVidia: forget the nouveau driver, go propretary
- AMD: give open source and MESA a try
- Intel: try open source and hope for the best

As I have asked before: Please report working combinatione here.

My latest working HW combination out of the box:
- Debian 10 amd64 / MESA / amdgpu
- ATI FirePro W5000 2048MB
as usual on old I7 PCs that other people threw away.


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