Confused about data types

Thomas Scheelen

Hi guys,

today my hvs1 and hvs2 data has been activated by eumetsat.

I am flashed about the the huge different kind of data packets and i wonder how to process them an which software i should use.

I already read a lot guides and websites, but it somehow confuses me even more.. 😊

Is there any overview about the filenames and their corresponding products?

Eumetcast-viewer appears to be great for Goes 16/17 and some Sentinel images.
But it can not handle all sentinel data and not that stable and fast.

By the way is Msg-data-manager able to process Goes images?

I receive a lot of different sounding data with "Darmstadt" in their filenames. I know what sounding means, but i wonder if they are useful and how to block them.

I could ask so many more questions, but i don't want to nerve.. 😄

We say in german that we can't see the forest because of lot of trees 😄


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