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Ferdinand Valk

Hi Thomas,


The Sentinel data on HVS-2 is indeed used for more specialized applications. Much of the data can also be had via the Internet and thus the effort and expense the required to receive and decode is most likely not in proportion to its use for many of the amateur users.


Modis data comes from the Aqua and Terra satellites. If you are interested in these, you should also have a look at the VIIRS data from Suomi NPP and NOAA20, which is the follow-up of Modis.




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Sent: Saturday, 09 November, 2019 21:52
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] Hvs


Hi Ferdinand, 


Thx for the explanation. 


I already filled the form, but i was pretty flashed about all the new stuff in there. 


The HVS on transpoder2 is still a little mystery, because does anybody of the enthusiastic users working with those data? 


First i thought sentinel data offers a eay for much higher resolution and better quality, but i guess those data are only usable for analyzes. I am happy if iam wrong... 😄 


Another new (old) thing i discovered is modis-l1 data. No idea why i never looked deeper into this. The images are quite impressive. 


But which satellite does transmit modis-l1 data? Hopefully it is not an obsolete feature... 


Many questions.... 😄 




I thank you for the information about the upgrades. How about the other tools which not in the tool packages? 


Kind Regards 



Am 8. November 2019 08:13:38 schrieb "Ferdinand Valk" <fvalk@...>:

Hi Thomas,


You do not need to request HVS as such but you must make sure you have requested/selected the items in the EO portal such as Third Party Data Services for Goes East and West, Himawari etc. which are delivered via HVS-1 and the Copernicus entries if you are looking for HVS-2.





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Sent: Thursday, 07 November, 2019 22:01
Subject: [MSG-1] Hvs


I wonder if i need to fill a separate registration request for HVS reception.


I already have pid 600 + 601 activ, but no hvs data yet.





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