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Thomas Scheelen

Hi Ferdinand, 

Thx for the explanation. 

I already filled the form, but i was pretty flashed about all the new stuff in there. 

The HVS on transpoder2 is still a little mystery, because does anybody of the enthusiastic users working with those data? 

First i thought sentinel data offers a eay for much higher resolution and better quality, but i guess those data are only usable for analyzes. I am happy if iam wrong... 😄 

Another new (old) thing i discovered is modis-l1 data. No idea why i never looked deeper into this. The images are quite impressive. 

But which satellite does transmit modis-l1 data? Hopefully it is not an obsolete feature... 

Many questions.... 😄 


I thank you for the information about the upgrades. How about the other tools which not in the tool packages? 

Kind Regards 

Am 8. November 2019 08:13:38 schrieb "Ferdinand Valk" <fvalk@...>:

Hi Thomas,


You do not need to request HVS as such but you must make sure you have requested/selected the items in the EO portal such as Third Party Data Services for Goes East and West, Himawari etc. which are delivered via HVS-1 and the Copernicus entries if you are looking for HVS-2.





From: On Behalf Of Thomas Scheelen
Sent: Thursday, 07 November, 2019 22:01
Subject: [MSG-1] Hvs


I wonder if i need to fill a separate registration request for HVS reception.


I already have pid 600 + 601 activ, but no hvs data yet.




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