Re: Strange Fading effects

David J Taylor


now i got the 5927 and what shall I say? Everything is fine, even with the 85cm dish.
I have 11DB s/n and almost no errors or lost of packets.

I am curious how the 120cm dish will improve the whole thing.

As iam still confused about the modcodes and hvs service, i use transponder 1 with all codes enabled

I had almost almost all eumetcast related tools registered some time ago.

Do i need some upgrades and how much will those upgrades cost?

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That's excellent news about the receiver.

Yes, your software is over 6 years old, and there have been updates - quite a few of them - to cover many of the new services from EUMETSAT. There are upgrades available:

MSG Toolset Plus upgrade:

HRPT Toolset Plus upgrade:

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