Re: TP 1 SNR this morning - 09:00 + UTC.



Wait till EUMETSAT are forced to use the E21B backup satellite.
Up there in Scotland, you will be at least 2 dB down on what you are now.


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On 06/11/2019 16:07, geojohnt via Groups.Io wrote:

> Hello Stephen,
> Thanks for that.
> This confirms my now reduced SNR from the higher level this morning.
> Best wishes,
> John.
> +++++++++++++++++
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> writes:
>    And so true! the back-up connection provides a greater sensitivity
>    than the standard up link.
>    Here in Italy the snr at 15.15 utc and returned promptly as
>    described in UNS Eumetsat, at the previous levels of -0.5db less
>    Stephen.


Will be interesting to see how they can blame Eutelsat for this.
I know 0.5 dB (I am nearer 0.8dB up here) is small but when you are on
the periphery of the signal it makes a huge difference.


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