Re: TP 1 SNR this morning - 09:00 + UTC.


David and Douglas,

It seems I spoke too soon!
My SNR is now back to normal at 15:50 having just come in.
13.1 dB from the steady high of 13.5/6 dB earlier.

It's become cloudy here now but not rain clouds at the moment.

I reported our increases to Ops and they opened a call.
However, KP is away till the 12th so we probably won't get a reply till then.



In a message dated 06/11/2019 13:50:42 GMT Standard Time, dsdeans@... writes:

> This must be from the two planned outages the notified.  I guess it's
> from prime to backup uplink, and then back again later.
> "EUMETCast ground segment maintenance today, risk of interruption, anno
> 5292 in UNS"
> Folks not already following EUMETSAT Users on Twitter are missing out:
> (I think you do, Douglas).
> Cheers,
> David

I remember seeing the warning of the 2 short outages but did not link it
to the large rise in signal this morning.
This poor signal issue is even more ridiculous if the back up link gives
nearly a dB extra in signal on TP1. However lets wait and see before
drawing conclusions. If it does perhaps the prime and back-up should be
swapped !


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