Re: TP 1 SNR this morning - 09:00 + UTC.

Stefano Mina

And so true! the back-up connection provides a greater sensitivity than the standard up link.
Here in Italy the snr at 15.15 utc and returned promptly as described in UNS Eumetsat, at the previous levels of -0.5db less


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On 06/11/2019 10:44, David J Taylor via Groups.Io wrote:
Yes John I have also seen a good rise in both TP1 and TP2 signal this
morning. Needs to hold for a bit longer to verify exact results (and
during stable weather) but my rise at the moment seems nearer 0.7 to
0.8 dB SNR up here in Scotland. Frankly not before time. The signal
here has been awful for a long time despite my efforts to fine tune
the dish which is at an easy head height. Fingers crossed.


This must be from the two planned outages the notified. I guess it's
from prime to backup uplink, and then back again later.

"EUMETCast ground segment maintenance today, risk of interruption,
5292 in UNS"

Folks not already following EUMETSAT Users on Twitter are missing out:

(I think you do, Douglas).


I remember seeing the warning of the 2 short outages but did not link it to the large rise in signal this morning.
This poor signal issue is even more ridiculous if the back up link gives nearly a dB extra in signal on TP1. However lets wait and see before drawing conclusions. If it does perhaps the prime and back-up should be swapped !


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