Re: New EUTELSAT satellite....

David J Taylor


I've had a look around but can't find any technical spec for this satellite yet such as power contours, just press releases.

I would imagine it would have a bit more uumph than 10 A being a new satellite.
However, new satellite, more uumph, more money for a transponder?

With EUMETSAT already having capacity on Eutelsat 21B I suspect they wouldn't take out new capacity on 10B.
Depends I guess on whether 10A continues in service?


The article says:

"EUTELSAT 10B satellite will carry two widebeam C- and Ku-band payloads, totalling 32 36 MHz equivalent transponders1 to ensure continuity of the missions of the EUTELSAT 10A satellite, whose operational life is scheduled to end in 2023."

Lewis might have his 8 World Championships by then!

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