Re: Strange Fading effects

Thomas Scheelen

Good morning, 

first off all i wanna thank you for all the great informations and assistance. You brought me a lot further. 

As recommended by David I ordered an used 5927 which i found for a reasonable price. 
Additional i purchased a new dish with a diameter of 125cm. Hope my Neighbor does not think E.T. has landed.. :-) 

I expect a lot better performance in reception, but also new challenges. 

With the present equipment no improvements seems achievable. 


Am 1. November 2019 15:37:59 schrieb "Ernst Lobsiger" <ernst.lobsiger@...>:

David and Thomas,

The EUMETSAT Setup Guide is for Windows 7 (not XP)

3.6 Running SS2XPFIX
SS2XPFIX is a small console utility created by CrazyCat which is setting one bit in BDA demodulator register.

IIRC this did the trick to enable the use of the STV0903BAC demodulator to receive at least
the BASIC MODCOD of the Transport Stream (TS) without really being fully VCM capable.
Not sure something like that was integrated in later BDADataEx versions (I doubt it).


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