Re: Strange Fading effects

Thomas Scheelen

Hi John, 

yes its pretty rare indeed. Today I made the fault to realign the dish. I was struggling to find ES10A again. I think know i know each single satellite between 20 and 3 degrees. 

And yes..... ES9B is strong.... 

Finally i found it, but with the same results. 

What me also makes wonder is that the Ip data tool does not lock to the sat signal once the signal i stable (for few seconds) 

I guess  locking is mandatory to start data streams?! 

I watch out for a lager antenna know, even when it will not solve the actually issue. 

But a stronger signal and less S/N can only be positive... 😊



Am 30. Oktober 2019 11:54:15 schrieb "geojohnt via Groups.Io" <geojohnt@...>:

Hello Thomas,

You have an interesting problem that we do not seem to have heard of before.

Firstly there are several users in this group using an 85 cm dish and getting quite good SNR.
So that's a good starting place.

Inverto Black Ultra LNB is a good choice and many of us use them.

There are two satellites at 9 degrees east - 'co-located' - 9 A is Ka-band so no problem, and 9 B is Ku-band but its transmissions start at 11.727 GHz V, so no interference to 'our signal' from 10 A.
But you are right, its output power is higher than 10 A.

Best wishes,


In a message dated 30/10/2019 10:07:37 GMT Standard Time, privat@... writes:

Today I'll get an inverto black lnb. As far as i know, that works well for
several users..
Since ES9A has strong output power i guessed it may produces some

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