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Thomas Scheelen

Hi David,

thanks for the helpful informations.

The Skystar PCIe is listed, but as obsolete or just for basic service. There exist a PCI Version as well. I have one, but it makes no difference regarding the issue.

For the first time i will start with basic service.The limited antenna size is one reason.

I guess the receiver isn't the cause. I tried 4 different cards with no change in behavior.

Today I'll get an inverto black lnb. As far as i know, that works well for several users..
Since ES9A has strong output power i guessed it may produces some interferences.

To be honest i hoped that issue is already known. It's pretty confusing that the TV has no problems.


I'm open for offers for used receivers from group members.

Am 30. Oktober 2019 09:21:20 schrieb "David J Taylor via Groups.Io" <>:

Hi guys,

my name is Thomas and iam from Heidelberg/germany

Iam in weather reception for ages. Beginning with a circular antenna for
Noaa APT, following with a direct readout station for HRPT

Since 2006 iam subscribed to meteocast. It was always pretty heasy to receive
the data from Astra and Eurobird9, but the switch to Eutelsat 10 stopped
working for me.

I tried several dvb-s2 cards, but always with the same effect of heavy
fading effects.
In use is a 85cm Offset antenna and a standard universal lnb with high
quality coax cable.
The sight in Eutelsat directory is totally free of any obstacles. The
antenna is about 10 m away from the house. The cable is about 13m long.
The actual card in use is a Technisat Dvb-s2 PCIe
with the BDA driver from eumetsat together with the BDA data tool. All is
configured as recommended by eumetsat help pages.

I get a quality of about 60% and no signal indication, but the signal fades
dramatically from 0% to 60% The signal does not lock, or just a few seconds.

As I mentioned i tried different components, always with that result. All
components were changed in different constellation, even the computer.

If i connect the antenna cable to my tv (build in tuner), i get 100% signal
and quality indicated, even on 11262.5.
All TV channels working fine, without artefacts or any interferences.
I assume that's not comparable with a pc card, but it shows me at least that
the signal is good.

Not to forget.. the telicast software and Eku client are not yet installed,
because i guess without a locked signal.... no data to process.

I have no further idea. Off course i should invest in a larger antenna and
good receiver, but the fact that all component variations had no effect
concerns me a bit.

I really hope anyone of you has a hint or idea.

Kind Regards


Welcome to the group!

On this page, in the "Devices" section, you will find a list of devices
supported for EUMETCast:

The TechniSat DVB-S2 PCIe is not listed by EUMETSAT, so may be unsuitable
for the new DVB-S2 service. Perhaps this is the cause of your problem?
There is one older card listed which may be suitable for the Basic Service
alone, the TechniSat SkyStar 2 HD, and you might be able to find that second

Otherwise there are three choices - network receiver, USB receiver, or PCIe
card. They are listed on that page.

- Many people are using the Ayecka SR1 which can receive one transponder at
a time, but only requires a network connection to your PC. Likely this
means adding a second network card to your desktop PC, but a USB-Ethernet
adapter also works. The Novra S300 also works well.

- For a USB direct connection, the TBS5927 works well, as does its older
version (TBS5925) which you may be able to find second-hand. This also
works on a single transponder at a time, so two boxes if you need data from
both transponders.

- The TBS 6903 PCIe card has two receivers, and can therefore take both
transponder 1 (BS, HVS-1) and transponder 2 (HVS-2) at the same time.

Someone on the group here may have any of these spare or for sale

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