Strange Fading effects

Thomas Scheelen

Hi guys, 

my name is Thomas and iam from Heidelberg/germany. 

Iam in weather reception for ages. Beginning with a circular antenna for Noaa APT, following with a direct readout station for HRPT. 

Since 2006 iam subscribed to meteocast. It was always pretty easy to receive the data from Astra and Eurobird9, but the switch to Eutelsat 10 stopped working for me.

I  tried several dvb-s2 cards, but always with the same effect of heavy fading effects. 
In use is a 85cm Offset antenna and a standard universal lnb with high quality coax cable. 
The sight in Eutelsat directory is totally free of any obstacles. The antenna is about 10 m away from the house.  The cable is about 13m long. 
The actual card in use is a Technisat Dvb-s2 PCIe
with the BDA driver from eumetsat together with the BDA data tool. All is configured as recommended by eumetsat help pages. 

I get a quality of about 60% and no signal indication, but the signal fades dramatically from 0% to 60% The signal does not lock, or just a few seconds. 

As I mentioned i tried different components, always with that result.  All components were changed in different constellation, even the computer. 

If i connect the antenna cable to my tv (build in tuner), i get 100% signal and quality indicated, even on 11262.5.
All TV channels working fine, without artefacts or any interferences. 
I assume that's not comparable with a pc card, but it shows me at least that the signal is good. 

Not to forget... the telicast software and Eku client are not yet installed, because i guess without a locked signal.... no data to process. 

I have no further idea. Off course i should invest in a larger antenna and good receiver, but the fact that all component variations had no effect concerns me a bit.

I really hope anyone of you has a hint or idea. 

Kind Regards 

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