Re: Defunct Groups



I agree.
Actually, I'd forgotten about 'all these other' groups which we used to post on.
MSG-1 seems to have become a bit of a 'cover all' - apart from GEO-Subs for weather satellite related information.



In a message dated 16/10/2019 19:39:49 GMT Standard Time, iandeans142@... writes:

Re the recent mails with regard to a number of yahoo groups. my guess is
that the groups in question ( with the exception of the old MSG-1 Yahoo
group ) have probably not been used for many months if not years and in
my opinion should be discontinued along with the old MSG-1 group.

The occasional mails that might be posted under these groups, could be
posted on the MSG-1 io group and that is probably being done at the
moment anyway.

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