Re: EUMETSAT EUM TD 15 document.

David J Taylor


I haven't read this document for ages and so downloaded the 'latest' version.
It is now very comprehensive and contains quite a lot of information I hadn't seen.
The latest version is dated 5 July 2019 and has several updates/additions itemised in the update table at the beginning of the document.

Did you know for instance that a backup satellite for the EUMETCast Ku-band service is already 'ready' in case of the failure of 10A?

A section in TD 15 details how to set up a dual feed setup for 10A and 21B.

The document is well worth a read if you haven't read it for quite some time now.

John Tellick.

Thanks for that, John. I hadn't seen the current version either. As you say, well worth a read. It's a PDF file at:

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