New member questions

Frank Kosta

Dear All

My name is Costa, I am Portuguese but currently living in Cambridge, UK.
Recently I made an impulse purchase and now I am a happy owner of (nearly new) Ayecka SR-1.
It came with a EUMETCast Client Software v5.5 CD but no USB dongle.
I already made the EO Portal registration and the next step is to select the services I want/need.
When I looked at the options I admit I was overwhelmed and that is why I need your help.
What would be the basic "package"? I presume I can upgrade later, if required, right? 
By the way, my interest is purely amateur. I used to have a Grundig MST-100 to receive Meteosat 7 and missed those days...
On the hardware side, what LNB do you recommend? I have read elsewhere the Inverto Ultra are the best. Aren't PLL LNB's better? I have a few laying around (from Es'HailSat 2 reception testing).
I will, hopefully this weekend, check the current firmware and upgrade as required. Any advice/tips are most welcome.
Thank you in advance.
Have a great weekend.

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