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David J Taylor

Hi everybody! I'm newbie here. I've just requested licenses to Eumetsat and I'm waiting for the key to start this new experience!

I've have some questions about the hardware to get for the data reception (until a few years ago this was more simple).

I'd like to build a transportable receiving station, with a INTEL NUC inside an IP67 case... and here follow that my questions:

- is a 100 cm or bigger dish needed or can i use a smaller one (i.e. 60-80 cms)? which kind of illuminator is needed? an universal one?

- I've found on EUMETSAT website a list of reccomended devices (obviously I need an external one for my purposes..). Has anybody tried other models that works fine with a lower cost?

Thanks for your tips!


Welcome to the group!

Within Europe an 80-100 cm dish should do, particularly if you only need the Basic Service. If you want the High Volume Service (HVS-1 or HVS-2) think towards the 100 cm. You can see what people are using here:

Ideally the Link Margin should be at least 4 dB to allow for times when the weather reduces the signal. If you are right in the centre of the EUTELSAT 10A footprint (Ku-band, wide beam):

A standard "Satellite TV LNB" will usually suffice, but ideally you want one "for HDTV" (i.e. a lower phase noise, possibly a "phase locked" one), and if you have a long cable, a high output one:

Having a dual- or quad-output allows you to add more receivers at a later date.

For a low-cost receiver, look for a second-hand TBS 5925.

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