Re: PuTTY telnet not opening.



Thanks for that.
I'm one step ahead of you.

The EUMETSAT SR1 EUMETCast Setup Guide shows that the Silicon Labs CP210x in the Device Manager Ports tree.
My Device Manager used to show it also - and it appears to govern COM3?

I deleted the old Silicon Labs software and downloaded a fresh copy.
I used the installer .exe and a Wizard appeared and said the software had been installed.
However, it hasn't appeared in the Ports tree and the programme still doesn't open.

So I've contacted Ops.



In a message dated 07/10/2019 17:15:38 GMT Standard Time, gm8arv@... writes:

You mentioned CP210x.  Please see:

There is also a telnet program in the Java SR1 console.

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