Re: PuTTY telnet not opening.

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I forgot to mention I also did a hot reboot of the SR1 this morning.

No, the original 'telnet PuTTY' programme isn't working (along with the 'other' long defunct 'USB version') hence my problem.

When configured for COM3 - which it always was - PuTTY telnet won't open with the warning:
X Unable to connect to COM3. Unable to open serial port.

I'll go back an read the EUMETSAT SR1 EUMETCast setup guide from the beginning.
As I said, I'm pretty sure it's the disappearance of Silicon Labs.

Yes, it is such a long time ago, I too can't remember how I set it up.



You mentioned CP210x. Please see:

There is also a telnet program in the Java SR1 console.

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