Re: PuTTY telnet not opening.



Thanks for you comments.

I hadn't changed the two leads connecting the SR1 to the PC - Control to a USB port and Management to
an Ethernet port.
Same ports for several years.

I clicked 'something' in the PuTTY programme settings which has caused the problem.

I have 2 PuTTY desktop icons - PuTTY SR1 telnet and PuTTY SR1 USB.
If I recall correctly the USB one opened as a black screen and you had to type in a 0 (zero)
or 0 enter and the programme started.

That I have tried configuring it for COM1 - it opens with a black screen - type in a 0 (0 appears) but nothingĀ 
happens. press enter, nothing happens except green curser moves down.
You can type telnet, which appears, but nothing happens.
Press enter and the green cursed moves down a line.

The telnet short cut always opened as a black scree with telnet and password below.
The password being telnet.

Both worked OK (IIRC) but the USB one ceased ages ago meaning I used the telnet one.

Looking at the EUMETSAT SR1 setup guide again - 'higher up' - I think I've found the answer?

You will see from the attached Device Manager image that DM does not include:
Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3) in the Ports list.

If I recall correctly it did many years ago.
So where is it?

And is that the problem?


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