Re: Originally Re: [MSG-1] SR1 Traffic dial. - now missed packets



Just to say I did quite a bit of opening MSG and GOES images in GSS, and Metop and AVHRR Manager images in HRPT Reader yesterday and none of these activities, creating extra HDD activity whilst still running all the Satsignal programmes, caused no lost packets on TC HVS-1 and BS.

And yesterday despite some rain at times, SNR didn't drop 'that much' and I've had no lost packets on TC in the last 24 hour period.
I suspect the 'dreaded' BullGuard when it periodically automatically optimises my computer - perhaps?

Alas I've 'done something to my PuTTY Telnet and it won't open now.
Not sure how to 'fix' it.

Rather annoying as we have thunder storms forecast for this area today with frequent lightning.
I'll need to keep my eye my SNR.


In a message dated 30/09/2019 10:33:52 GMT Standard Time, geojohnt@... writes:

Regarding PC activity and missed packets, despite my PC being able to cope with its high processing demand from all your programmes running at the same time, I think I added to missed packets yesterday having been using HRPT Reader and GSS to process and display Metop and and MSG Hi-Res images - 'at the same time.'

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