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Cornish Man


HVS-1 ans basic is always disconnecting for me  even in good weather

I sent an email to ERUMetCast and they said to send them the ini and log files.
I am awaiting for them to reply

J larkin

On Saturday, 28 September 2019, 16:10:50 BST, David J Taylor via Groups.Io <gm8arv@...> wrote:


Thanks for your comments and the link to Arne's results.

I have to say that I've never monitored, as such, missed and recovered
packets as I seldom appear to get missed data - as in gaps in images.
I have however over a long period of time noticed in TC HTML Statistics,
figures for Missed Packets before FEC and FEC Recovered Packets.
The recovered packets rather few compared to the missed packets if I recall

But I don't think I was aware of 'image missed data.'

Of course when torrential rain/ice crystal clouds, cause link margin to drop
below threshold, then that will cause lost data for that period and 'gaps in

As you know I lost HVS-1 twice yesterday for short periods when its link
margin dropped below threshold.

There is some wild weather on its way overnight so I've reset both TC HVS-1
and BS statistics -now, with sun and broken cloud, and SNR where it 'should
I'll see how it goes.

Now, how relevant are the Bad Frame Count and Bad Packet Count figures on
the SR1 readout - to all this?
Both of which are zero at the moment - whereas both TC HVS-1 and BS showed
quite a lot of missed packets over the same operating period.

And what do they actually show?



For simplicity, just record the missed & recovered packets on a daily basis,
and reset the statistics  after noting the readings.  On a good day, both
should be zero.

If the bad DVB packets and frames are non-zero, that suggests there's an
issue with the signal.  If the DVB figures are zero, but you still have
packet loss, that suggests there's a computer issue.  By recording the times
of the losses you may be able to judge what caused them.

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