Re: SR1 Traffic dial.

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OK, I'll do that.

It's not that I sit all day watching the dial, but I notice it whilst on the adjacent day to day computer.

Another thing that happens every now and again on the SR1 Contoller is a brief, red 'lost lock' (or whatever the message is) warning.
I suspect it might be, as I'm on a flight path into LHR, a plane eclipsing the satellite.



I was referring to the negative traffic as being data you must be feeding to EUMETSAT! Only a joke.

I recall brief flashes happening in the early days of HVS, and they were most likely the TelliCast icon rather than the Java/Ayecka program. My first thought would be to keep a regular check on missed & recovered packets, and reset those statistics on a daily basis (we have automated software which will do this).

Even in this delightful part of the world, when the weather is fair, and the computers aren't overloaded, I can often get zero missed and zero recovered, on BS, HVS-1 and HVS-2, Ayecka and TBS systems. I do note though that with the TBS software, it was only when I reverted to an earlier driver that I got zeros, otherwise the missed and recovered counts were no-zero, but matching. You'll see that Arne's system is also in that state:

The monthly and yearly graphs show the base steady missed & recovered stream best.

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