Re: HVS-1 link margin in negative territory for around 42 minutes.

Douglas Deans

John in truth none of this should be needed.
Over the years I have spent many hours fine tuning my dish for maximum reception, invested in a 1.0 metre dish to help with the poor Scottish signal (dubiously legal up here !) and due to those endeavours found that sometimes on a good clear morning I could just see an SNR into the 13s. And now over the past year one issue after another has slowly eroded signal and despite much fine tuning I can now never see an SNR starting with anything higher than 11.  
The Eumetcast service is an amazing service for amateurs and I have nothing but admiration for Eumetsat allowing amateurs to receive it, but not withstanding that it seems to me that something is amiss with the management of this 10 year old satellite. Perhaps TV and money rules. 

I for one am now thinking of finding an alternative way of getting the data.


PS. apologies if my mail layout is poor but BT pop3 is again down so composing on the server which I hate !

On Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 16:38:16 BST, geojohnt via Groups.Io <geojohnt@...> wrote:


I've never lost BS before - though this year I have had some error messages in the 'new' updated TC which I started using several months ago.

I'm on the edge of a large cloud again at the moment and SNR is dropping.
Fortunately it is the back end of a big! cloud travelling east to the north of me showing up well on Channel 12 Hi-Res 15:30.

Whatever happened to the days early last year where my basic SNR was 13.9 - 14.3 dB clear sky?

Now it is 12.4/5 - 12.9/13.00 dB.

Er, bigger dish?
Cut down the neighbours fir tree?




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