Re: Signal



For what it's worth, here are my received Eutelsat 10 A signal comparisons earlier as shown by the Inverto SatPal meter.

They are EUMETCast on 11.263 GHz H.
Tricolor IPTV on 11.263 GHz V.
A 'Eutelsat channel' (DVB-S) MPEG 4 on 11.346 GHz H, which might give me an ongoing steady signal level marker?

My SR1 was showing a SNR at the time of 12.8/9 dB.
The Power reading was -25 dBm - as always.

The SatPal meter will not demodulate VCM/ACM data signals and so just gives a signal level, not SNR, link margin and mosaic - as it does with 'TV signals.'


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