Re: Signal

James Brown

On 13/09/2019 17:13, David J Taylor via Groups.Io wrote:
I am currently seeing a big drop in the basic signal at the moment in
what is sunny conditions. This year the signal levels have been
disappointing with a general drop of about 0.4/0.5 SNR and at the moment
it is double that.

My dish and LNB have been checked and are fine.


It seems to be the same across Europe:

Best to report this to EUMETSAT.

I see that the H polarisation (cyan) has dropped compared to the vertical (red) between September 02 and today, and that there is a new lower level and narrower bandwidth signal on the H polarisation around 11320 MHz. Vertical polarisation has gained a signal on ~11425 MHz.  I am not saying these changes have caused the drop, but they may be related.

These plots with a TBS5925 and CrazyCat's CrazyScan program fed from a spare feed on the 4-output LNB.  Ignore the apparent tilt across the passband, and the dB scale.

This is not good news! IIRC we have been here before and has only resulted in LNB and dish deficiencies being identified, rather than adjacent transponder issues. I do hope not, but am not holding my breath!


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