Re: LNB to receive hvs1 and hvs2 simultaneously and SR1 enable 2nd RX input

martin Handl

On Sat, Sep 7, 2019 at 01:22 AM, David J Taylor wrote:
Welcome to the group, Martin.

It's the quality (or SNR) which matters much more than the level, unless you have a very long cable (> 20m).

I note that instead of "0 gold 0" I have "1 root 1" on my BDADataEx instances, for both transponders. I can't use the TBS IP Tool as it crashes my system.

What exactly is your problem?

yes quality is important over SNR...but very important is continue BER 0...
my cable leght over 25m,dish 110/90 in H-H motor,but all work without problem...
TBS5925 is first TBS CCM USB tuner,have some bugs (very warm, low sensitivity, sometimes freezes) but has a tuner and can be used without problems for BASIC and HVS-1..for HVS-2 already looks sometimes ... TBS5927 is doing better, does not heat at all, is about 20db more sensitive, but has only input ..

for layes scramble ...if use ROOT 1 dont work for me (no lock signal) i use more year only GOLD 0
TBSdata Service sw if good for indicate how PIN active in strenam,but mean when BDAdataEx is stable

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