Tbs 5925 - Problem with modcode For HVS-1


Hi everyone, My name is Samuele. I'm from italy... My english speaking is very bad, i hope you understanding my problem: last year, with my old PC (updated from windows 8.1 to windows 10 two years ago) I correctly received satellite data from the 8PSK (bas) and 16APSK (hvs-1) modcodes. Unfortunately, a few months later the motherboard died and I had to change computers. I have reinstalled all the software following the procedures and the indications of Eumetsat but nowadays I only receive the data from the modcode 8psk while from 16apsk the quality is always at 0. In this time frame I have only changed computers, the satellite dish has not been moved. As a receiver I have a TBS5925 and the data is processed by BDADataEx version Do any of you have a solution to my problem? Are there other people like me who already happened? Thanks in advance for your reply.


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