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David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Am I correct in saying it was the HVS-1 channel which Eumetsat added
in-fill data to in order to resolve problems with the TBS hardware.
I have been quite busy at my computer recently which has drawn my
attention to the BDADataEx icon on the Taskbar going green (instead of
blue) quite frequently. On checking as expected the data rate is at 0
for short periods.
I cannot remember the full significance of the problem but I know it was
detrimental to reception and may explain imperfections in my HVS-1 set-up.

Is anyone aware of what the current arrangement is and whether it has
been changed.

I use the TBS 6903 for HVS-1 to separate it from the basic service on my
SR1 for the occasional bad weather we get here in Scotland !



I've been looing back over my 2014 August onwards mails, but it's difficult to find the exact discussion. I think it would have been before HVS-2, and it was certainly something like what you described, a lack of data flow causing something (a disconnection?), and there was something to do with buffer sizes and TBS supplying a driver with (IIRC) one tuner having an 8-byte and the other a 64-bytes buffer. This was experimental, and caused large, but almost equal, numbers of missed and recovered packets. I recently went back to the old driver (1.0.5?) and these packets disappeared. It was a question of when that buffer emptied, something happening. Of course, in TV reception a continual stream is expected, not bursts.

I cannot now recall whether EUMETSAT did add fill packets or not (ask ops, or K.-P.) but I'm unaware of any recent changes in that respect. On both tuners the Multicast PID is set to 8192. On TP1, I have MODCOD set to all, and on the TP2 tuner to 16APSK 2/3. I don't use the BS data from TP1 on that system, but the BDADataEx software will "see" BS data.

Sorry for a somewhat incomplete and unsatisfactory reply.

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