Re: LNB to receive hvs1 and hvs2 simultaneously and SR1 enable 2nd RX input



>I've read the signal from consol ,with more attention:
>My es/no , with cloud, is 7.2 db
>Demodulation link margin is -2.4 db
>In my option, like from your suspect, I think that HVS1, with these low signal, is very
>very hard to decode.

Just to say that I got out an old 85 cm dish and Inverto Black Ultra LNB that I used many years ago for EUMETCast  and found that my SR1 readings under clear sky conditions using this dish, which might not have been accurately aligned  were:

SNR 10.9 - 11.00 dB
Link margin 5.0 - 5.1 dB

SNR 10.9 - 11.00
Link margin 1.6 - 1.7 dB.

That was using around an 8 m long cable run.

I agree with David to be cautious about some manufacturers LNB technical figures - especially noise.
However, Inverto publish very comprehensive figures for all technical aspects of their LNB's on their website.
And the Black Ultra range have increased gain compared to their other ranges.


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