Re: LNB to receive hvs1 and hvs2 simultaneously and SR1 enable 2nd RX input

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Ferdinand ,David
I thank you for the exhaustive details.
The replacement of the LNB is due to the fact that it is very old (almost 15 years, bought to use on HB13) and the cost is quite affordable to try to gain a few dB.
Then in the future (at the end of housework ... David!) I decided to commit to receiving HVS from a receiver that would certainly perform better than the current one.
Have a nice day !!



OK, and older LNB may well be worth replacing. I don't think Arne has carried out further tests than those where he recommended the Inverto Black Ultra. The Ultra has a higher output, so allows for more cable loss and splitters etc. I ended up with a different make, and four outputs rather than two, but I would recommend going for at least twin output.

Enjoy all the alignment!

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