Re: LNB to receive hvs1 and hvs2 simultaneously and SR1 enable 2nd RX input

Ferdinand Valk



Correct, although the SR-1 has two receivers (a batch of SR-1 provided via GEO had only 1 in order to save costs), only one can be used. Amongst others the RX transport filters (8 in total) are shared between receiver 1 and 2, limiting the use of the second receiver for Eumetcast purposes.

So you either use two separate receiver units if you want to get both T1 and T2 or alternatively you can opt for the TBS 6903 (or similar), which does have two fully functional inputs available. Having an LNB with multiple outputs is certainly a good way to go, but you could also use a splitter as David does.





From: On Behalf Of Mario Brustia
Sent: Friday, 16 August, 2019 08:14
Subject: [MSG-1] LNB to receive hvs1 and hvs2 simultaneously and SR1 enable 2nd RX input


good morning to all.
I have read that to receive the 3 eumetsat services at the same time it is necessary to have at least two receivers: one for BAS and HVS1 tuned to transponder 1 and one for HVS2 tuned to the transponder 2.
I understand that the SR1 receiver purchased through GEO, at the time of the transition from DVB to DVS2 it does not have the second input enabled and therefore, as a second receiver, a second physical RX would be needed.
So I ask myself two questions:
FIRST: is it possible to enable the second RX on the SR1?in
SECOND : I read that a valid LNB is the INVERTO ULTRA LNB and I was wondering if, replacing my old LNB with only one output with the new LNB with two outputs, I could receive both transponders at the same time.
Thanks to anyone for the support


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