LNB to receive hvs1 and hvs2 simultaneously and SR1 enable 2nd RX input

Mario Brustia

good morning to all.
I have read that to receive the 3 eumetsat services at the same time it is necessary to have at least two receivers: one for BAS and HVS1 tuned to transponder 1 and one for HVS2 tuned to the transponder 2.
I understand that the SR1 receiver purchased
through GEO, at the time of the transition from DVB to DVS2 it does not have the second input enabled and therefore, as a second receiver, a second physical RX would be needed.
So I ask myself two questions:
FIRST: is it possible to enable the second RX on the SR1?in case...how?
SECOND : I read that a valid LNB is the INVERTO ULTRA LNB and I was wondering if, replacing my old LNB with only one output with the new LNB with two outputs, I could receive both transponders at the same time.
Thanks to anyone for the support


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