Re: changes on SR1 to receive HVS1 and BASIC at the same time ... if possible, of course!

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Ciao David....hard!!!! 1st floor done.... tomorrow the second one!!
For today I've stopped the "concrete" job and now,start the "electronic" job... :))

I've read the signal from consol ,with more attention:
My es/no , with cloud, is 7.2 db
Demodulation link margin is -2.4 db
In my option, like from your suspect, I think that HVS1, with these low signal, is very very hard to decode.
Later, finances permitting, I will think of an upgrade of the satellite dish.
Unfortunately, finances are now spent on household expenses
Thanks anyway for the support!

Ps ...I've installed the "BS & HVS-1, connected" script...

Have a nice day!!



I bet the house will look very good when you are finished, but the work must be tiring!

Thanks for that - you've explained the reason for HVS-1 failing. Approximately, the link margin is about 6 dB less than the Es/No for the basic service, so in the cloudy conditions you have a margin of just 1.2 dB. So the signal only needs to be 1.2 dB lower, and you will lose the basic service. For the high-volume service the difference is about 9.3 dB, so the signal is already 2.1 dB below the threshold - as you have indicated.

Until you get a better signal, just install the BS-alone script, as you will lose BS data by trying to receive the HVS-1.

But what size if dish do you have? Perhaps it just needs aligning perfectly to give you a little more signal.

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