Re: changes on SR1 to receive HVS1 and BASIC at the same time ... if possible, of course!

Mario Brustia

Ciao David....hard!!!! 1st floor done.... tomorrow the second one!!
For today I've stopped the "concrete" job and now,start the "electronic" job...   :))

I've read the signal from consol ,with more attention:
My es/no , with cloud, is 7.2 db
Demodulation link margin is -2.4 db
In my option, like from your suspect, I think that HVS1, with these low signal, is very very hard to decode.
Later, finances permitting, I will think of an upgrade of the satellite dish.
Unfortunately, finances are now spent on household expenses

Thanks anyway for the support!

Ps ...I've installed the "
BS & HVS-1, connected" script...

Have a nice day!!


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