Re: changes on SR1 to receive HVS1 and BASIC at the same time ... if possible, of course!

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Hi David, this morning I'm tired, I'm changing the floors of the house and so I don't want to think ... I asked google translator for help.

I tried to read mail on my smartphone but I realized that there are many problems writing in English with the automatic corrector in Italian that changes the words as and when it wants :)
The scripts you were talking about had already loaded them when, in your first replay, you advised me to upgrade the sr1.
I had already tried them, from the first to the fourth (not really understanding the real difference I had made tests with everyone )
Before continuing with the posts, I tried but without any concrete results: the BAS always worked but nothing to do for the hvs1.
I also tried to lower the signal threshold levels.
With the 85cm dish I don't expect to have a perfect stream in hvs1, but some data, even if full of errors, just to understand that it works, I think I should receive it.

There is a strange thing when opening the shell of the two systems: in hvs1 all the data are not present (see attachments).

Of the 4 scripts, present on eumetsat, excluding those destined for africa, which of the 4 is the correct one to have hvs1 and bas, I finally loaded the second one (/ SR1CFG_DVBS2_ACTIVE_CONNECTED_MNGT-MLCST-ON_HVS-ENBLD_THRHLDS06-07_v255 /)?
There is something that escapes me but I can't understand what it is....

Grazie per il supporto!!

HAve a nice day!


Mario, you are working very hard!

This is my understanding of the four scripts. There are two choices:

1 - whether the data and management ports on the SR1 are CONNECTED (so that data comes out of the Management port), or ISOLATED, so that data comes from the Traffic port, and you need two Ethernet leads to connect the box to your system, with the data lead going to a PC, and the management lead going to your "house" LAN.

2 - Whether you want the Basic Service alone, or both Basic and high Volume 1 services.

BS alone, connected:

BS & HVS-1, connected:

BS alone, isolated

BS & HVS-1, isolated

Do check the Es/No of the SR1 - it should be at least 11 dB for reasonable HVS-1 reception, ideally 13 dB or better.

You should also check the SR1 version numbers - here I see:

Software: 1.05b264
FPGA: 2.02b922
Hardware: 2.00 or 2.05 or 2.10 (on the three SR1s I have here)

I don't know, but I wonder whether the lack of licence information for HVS-1 simply suggests that you don't have a good enough signal. Don't forget that every aspect of dish alignment is critical for the best possible SNR or Es/No:

- elevation
- azimuth
- LNB skew (rotate the LNB)
- LNB focus (move the LNB nearer to or away from the dish)

Comparing with the stations here:

Trieste has a 125 cm dish and gets 4 dB link margin, your 85 cm will be ~3 dB down so quite marginal for HVS-1.

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