Re: HVS-2 losses

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Firstly all thanks to ops help desk who speedily despatched a new EKU
(The new squat blue LED version). It has been running now for a week.
Fortunately I had already installed the very latest software suite.

The only issue I have seems to be with the hvs-2 files - which I have
read, some no longer bother with due to alternative access. (All other
file segments seem to show no losses except for an exceptional weather

There are intermittent missing segments - sometimes I will get eight or
nine good ones, followed by a missing one, other times perhaps a third
of a pass can be missed. I think they are related to a log error message
such as:

MSG:2019-08-08 07:19:11.180:File transmission b0f8852f000bab48 ended: 1
file missing/incomplete
MSG:2019-08-08 07:19:11.180:Missed parts of file
id 5d4bca44000bab45 from channel `E2H-S3A-01'

I am assuming the problem is at this receiving station. They come via
the TBS card which shows quality around 80% at this time of the day with
a SNR of around 11. Just wondering if that is the cause? The computer is
an i7-8700 3.2gHz with 16Gb of RAM. CPU rarely rises above 10% and disk
around 8%.

Any thoughts would be appreciated,


A few odd recollections:

- I note that I have Tuner 0 for the BS, and Tuner 1 for the HVS. This /may/ matter. This with the "single input" fix from CrazyCat. Using BDADataEx, Device 2 is Tuner 0, and Device 1 is Tuner 1, but I don't think that matters.

- At one stage, TBS were supplying a driver ( with different buffer sizes for the two tuners. Using this driver gave me a steady stream of missed & recovered TelliCast packets (like those seen on Arne's plots, when his MRTG/FTP is working!). I tried the earlier driver and the missed/recovered packet rate dropped to zero.

- Getting error reception of HVS-2 isn't easy, and both Arne and I have ended up with a big RAMdisk (10 GB in my case) which has both /temp/ and /received/ with the files being moved off (or in my case deleted) as soon as possible. You'll know that others have reported using an SSD for the systems, and separate HDs for each service. Maybe BS+HVS-1 can be on one HD, and HVS-2 on a second HD.

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