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James Brown

That’s interesting. 
Thank you. 

On 8 Aug 2019, at 12:58, seggins2000 via Groups.Io <seggins@...> wrote:

I have a similar problem here James. Nothing changed at this end. Hardly missed anything up to about a month or so ago. 
Regards John 

My POT-LX1. On O2.

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Subject: [MSG-1] HVS-2 losses
From: James Brown <satellite@...>

Firstly all thanks to ops help desk who speedily despatched a new EKU
(The new squat blue LED version). It has been running now for a week.
Fortunately I had already installed the very latest software suite.

The only issue I have seems to be with the hvs-2 files - which I have
read, some no longer bother with due to alternative access. (All other
file segments seem to show no losses except for an exceptional weather

There are intermittent missing segments - sometimes I will get eight or
nine good ones, followed by a missing one, other times perhaps a third
of a pass can be missed. I think they are related to a log error message
such as:

MSG:2019-08-08 07:19:11.180:File transmission b0f8852f000bab48 ended: 1
file missing/incomplete
MSG:2019-08-08 07:19:11.180:Missed parts of file
id 5d4bca44000bab45 from channel `E2H-S3A-01'

I am assuming the problem is at this receiving station. They come via
the TBS card which shows quality around 80% at this time of the day with
a SNR of around 11. Just wondering if that is the cause? The computer is
an i7-8700 3.2gHz with 16Gb of RAM. CPU rarely rises above 10% and disk
around 8%.

Any thoughts would be appreciated,

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