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Robert Moore

During the heavy storms in Europe last week I made an animation (daytime European precipitation) to show the extreme weather in northern Italy in the Alps/Dolomites region and sent it to my son, who lives there (and indeed experienced the thunder, lightning and hail that did so much damage in the region).

I had the following reply:  ‘not sure what your system is doing. The file you sent was 88MB, however, as you can see from the attached file, I have the exact same quality with a total file size of 4MB. You either have too much data, or are using a low compression codec, which these days are only needed for editing 4k files on multiple layers.’

It was as he said; the 4MB file gave exactly the same results as I had with my larger file. I looked back through my animation files and, by and large, they are big files. Not sure what’s up – should I be processing the .avi files created by GeoSatSignal to make them smaller or can GSS do this anyhow? I usually only run the animations for my own interest and rarely share them – so this rather took me by surprise.






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