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Ferdinand Valk



The message was not to discourage you; instead to encourage reading the pointers suggested to you before firing again.



  • Read PDF_TD15_EUMETCAST.pdf, which is a good how-to guide
  • Read PDF_DVB_SR1_GUIDE.pdf for details on the SR-1
  • Do a search in David’s web pages to the topic you need more info on


Specifically: if you are receiving Goes West without problem (Goes-17) then basically your reception configuration should be OK. Most likely you must in that case review your cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini file. Is the syntax  correct? Is it not commented out?

Do the entries look like below?


#            GOES-16 GLM Level 2; PID 601






#            Himawari-8 10-minute; PID 601



target_directory=J:\ EUMETCast\received\hvs-1\E1H-TPG-2



#            GOES-17 netcdf; PID 601






As far as your reception is concerned: unless you currently have a distorted dish, replacing it with a smaller one will obviously not increase your SNR. Let a professional look at the alignment if you don’t manage to improve signal yourself. Make sure that the dish is fully illuminated. I understand you are using the balcony. Offset dishes are illuminated from higher up than center focus and thus the roof of your balcony may block part of the incoming signal.


Good luck/




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Thanks for your intervention !

Repeating my precise questions apparently is useless as these are not answered.

(e.g. why do I get E1H-TPG-3 but not E1H-TPG-1 & TPG-, meaning of red warning-reset, etc.)

I will no longer nerve the forum with my problems.


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