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Ferdinand Valk



You should be aware that EUMETCast is a professional service meant to distribute data in near real time to Meteorological Institutes, weather services and other professionals. The fact that other interested parties and amateurs are allowed free-of-charge access to this data should be considered a bonus. Nevertheless, if you want to share in the data made available, make sure that you only select the data of your interest. You have almost full control over what you want to receive and what not.

It is not really appropriate to talk about ‘swamping’ and ‘dubious data’. If you have no use for it, don’t take it.


Besides, quite some people of the MSG- group have been trying to help you and answer your questions. I can’t help noticing that little is done with the suggestions offered and the stream of similar questions/remarks keeps coming back. Food for thought?




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>Thank you for your continued interest, Thorsten !

>I do receive part of the HVS-1 data stream. I get only the Goes-17 TPG-3 stream. No Himawari, no Goes 16, etc.

>The best SNR I currently obtain - heavy solid clouds - is around 12 dB.

>People say that with a - my - 1.25m dish this figure should at least be around 13dB.

>I still ignore why I cant get beyond 12dB. I already have spent much time tinkering - readjusting

>my dish to no avail. So be it !

>I am going to replace my 1.25m dish by a smaller 1m Gibertini dish in the hope to be able

>to better finetune the latter. We will see !

>I very much regret the decision to switch from 9A to 10A and at the same time to "swamp" 

>Eumetcast with a mountain of partly dubious data. Visibly reduced power plus

>an ever growing amount of data really is a very very bad combination for the average

>Eumetsat Eumetcast user !

>Just my personal opinion, mind you !




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