Re: Multicast channel info

Thorsten Miglus


have you set the PID's 600 and 601 (needed for HVS-1) within your SR1 receiver?
As I don't use the SR1 I have no knowledge how to do this.
Maybe somone else can help?


On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 10:35 AM, fly.fechter@... wrote:
I still do not get E1H-TPG-1 and E1H-TPG-2 data.
Under General Parameters , name E1H-TPG-1 I have          E1H-TPG-2 has
state ---connecting in red                                                         connecting in red 
address ----                                   
priority --     500                                                                        500
bandwidth -9000000                                                                 8000000
received bytes - 0                                                                     0
packet NAKs -   allowed but disabled                                       allowed but disabled
Are the values shown here correct ?
What to do about packet NAKs allowed but disabled ??
May I stress that despite very cloudy skies I have a SNR of 11.4-11.5 and I do receive Goes 17 TPG-3 data !
I look forward to your advice.

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