Re: Goes Abi manager

Betreff: Re: [MSG-1] Goes Abi manager
Datum: 2019-07-29T07:30:00+0200
Von: "David J Taylor via Groups.Io" <>
An: "" <>

My current SNR is around 11DB. (cloudy rainy sky)
I manage to receive the Goes 17 data but fail to receive the Goes 16 one.
Tellicast client 2.14.4
In other words - E1H-TPG-3 received
" 1 connecting
" 2 connecting
red warning ---reset
I cant explain this - is SNR 11.1 just sufficient for TPG-3 only and too
low for TPG-1, 2 ??
Do you have some explanation and could you please advise ?
Thanks in advance,


If you can get GOES-17 you should be able to get GOES-16 as well. Check
your channels file.

GOES-16 data is every 10 minutes, and GOES-17 every 30 minutes, by the way.

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