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James Brown

On 28 Jul 2019, at 19:28, David J Taylor via Groups.Io <gm8arv@...> wrote:

As part of the 'starting from scratch' I would like to try and reinstall
the TBS 6903 card from the defunct machine. I am wondering about the
correct order -

Install drivers (CrazyCat) and then card or vice versa.

Searched the web for any updates and can only see updated driver from
TBS itself.



I would install the drivers for the card first, then connect the card.  I note that EUMETSAT suggest the other way round, but this may result in more recent incompatible drivers being installed.  Remember that there will be a separate power lead as well.  I'm currently using the driver dated 2017/01/10.  This stopped the regular stream of HVS-2 missed & recovered packets (which you can still see on some other stations):  (yearly graph).

I used to have to edit out the large bursts due to wind & rain so that this steady stream wasn't hidden.  I've not done that since mid-February,

Certainly try the TBS software - perhaps it's improved since I tried it but even with extensive help from TBS they could never find the cause of the problem.  Symptom, blue screen of death after 1-30 hours.  CrazyCat software no problems at all.

There is a EUMETSAT guide here:


Thanks David. You confirm my opinion that card first might invoke generic Windows drivers, so I will put driver software first.

Incidentally, I can’t make up my mind whether this page suggests latest drives eliminates a BSOD or is the cause!


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