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James Brown

On 27/07/2019 06:11, David J Taylor via Groups.Io wrote:
Thank you David,

I appreciate the tremendous meticulous detail that you have included.

Unfortunately I seem to have run into a brick wall with MRTG - I have
the SNMP running - security tab I have tried either with Arne's
suggestion of the IP address or the 'anyone' and when I run SNMP
informant I always get the message that SNMP security is currently not
configured on this machine and running cfgmaker doesn't extract
information for the cfg file.

I thought it was bad enough working through the 30 pages of notes for
HMRC Probate forms, but this has got me beat! And I read from your notes
that a couple of progs will always have to be uninstalled or restarted
following the monthly updates, so not sure if I can cope!

All the best,



As I've mentioned before, often my Web pages are simply my own notes, with passwords removed!  What I didn't mention, but now recall, is that sometimes the SNMP community isn't defined (OK, that's another security point), and that stops SNMP working.  I've added that to my notes and added a screenshot:

Hope that helps!

The programs which need to be re-installed over updates are just the major version updates, which are effectively new installs. Not the monthly updates.

Whilst CFGmaker is a useful starter, I do recommend using the IP address of the PC (if it's fixed by address reservation in the router) rather than the interface number which CFGmaker uses. With major upgrades and other changes the interface number can, and does, change.  A pain, I know!

If anyone in Europe would like to help with EUMETCast monitoring - you would be very welcome:

It will help the longer-term monitoring of your own system to watch for any gradual degradation.

Success!! Thank you David - the initial cfg file is as one might expect very long! It reports 41 interfaces but I will need to do some serious editing! I will also need to sift through more of your guidance pages David!

It's been so long since I set up MRTG!!



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