Re: Starting from scratch

James Brown

On 26/07/2019 19:49, David J Taylor via Groups.Io wrote:

Incidentally, that problem, and some other issues including TelliCast ones, are mentioned in my Windows-10 notes:

which might be worth a glance.

Thank you David,

I appreciate the tremendous meticulous detail that you have included.

Unfortunately I seem to have run into a brick wall with MRTG - I have the SNMP running - security tab I have tried either with Arne's suggestion of the IP address or the 'anyone' and when I run SNMP informant I always get the message that SNMP security is currently not configured on this machine and running cfgmaker doesn't extract information for the cfg file.

I thought it was bad enough working through the 30 pages of notes for HMRC Probate forms, but this has got me beat! And I read from your notes that a couple of progs will always have to be uninstalled or restarted following the monthly updates, so not sure if I can cope!

All the best,


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