Re: suitable LNB for Eutelsat 10A Eumetcast reception



My days of 14.3 dB signal SNR with my 1 m dish ended middle of last year.
I'm not an expert but I think that the more data that is disseminated by TP 1 widens the transponder 'width' and thereby the transmitted power is then spread across a much wider bandwidth which reduces the 'received signal level.'
Compared to a previously much narrower transmitted bandwidth channel in the aerly days of HVS-1.

Mind you I'm getting more and more sure that I've got 'increasing fir tree girth' shadowing of my dish.
Trying a new location - difficult - will have to wait for cooler weather.



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I think it was worsened if they switch on TP-2.
But maybe it's time again to do a another tweaking of the antenna/LNB position.
I use two USB TBS 5925 running Linux, cable length is ~5m!

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