Re: suitable LNB for Eutelsat 10A Eumetcast reception



Just to say that you also should be getting more SNR on TP-1 with a Gibertini 1 m dish and an Inverto Black Ultra LNB.

What receiver are you using?
And how long is your cable run?



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I run a OP100 Gibertini with an Inverto Black and get around 12dB on Transponder 1 and 11.5dB on Transponder 2.
Located in the middle of Germany (near Frankfurt). Got receive all sats (Him8, GOES16/17,MSG-x, Metop-x, NOAA) but the headroom is small concerning rain...! ;-/
An OP125 should give a minimum of 13dB on T1 I think!

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