Re: suitable LNB for Eutelsat 10A Eumetcast reception



Right, now we are getting somewhere.

As your 1.25 m Gibertini dish (best dish available) is on you balcony - what is in front of it?
I presume you have a 'wall' or railings, a barrier possibly glass or metal or bricks, to stop people falling off the balcony.
Is the bottom of the dish above any barrier and how far away from any barrier is the dish?

A photo/photos of the dish, balcony and view towards the satellite would be most useful.

As you are getting such a good SNR on Eutelsat 9-B it could suggest (although 9-B's transmitted power is 3 dBW higher than Eutelsat 10 A) that you dish is aligned more towards this satellite.

You will see from the attached Eutealsat 10 A power contour map, you are right in the middle of the highest signal contour.

As you will have seen, many of us use Inverto Black Ultra LNB's.
They have a good (reliable) 'low' noise figure and this model - Ultra - has increased gain compared to other makes of LNB.

With my 1 m dish, an Inverto Black Ultra LNB and an SR1, with the dish aligned on Eutelsat 10 A, some channels on Eutelsat 9-B show the same SNR (measured on a different receiver) as EUMETCast TP 1 - the dish obviously being 1 degree mis-aligned for 9-B and its extra signal strength.

As you have much higher SNR on Eutelsat 9 B signals than from Eutelsat 10 A, suggests your dish is not aligned properly?



In a message dated 24/07/2019 14:08:59 GMT Standard Time, fly.fechter@... writes:

My 125cm Gibertini dish is located near Erlangen, Germany, i.e. Northern Bavaria.
It is on my balcony.
The signal I get from Eutelsat 9A is quite strong in the 15dB region whereas with Eutelsat 10A I am struggling to get set in the 11db region.
I have already spent many hours using various LNBs in order to push the Eumetcast signal strength to at least 13db which I think
is considered necessary as a minimum.
 HVS-1 reception at around 11dB does happen with the Goes 17 ABI manager  Himawari reception is not possible.
As some of you have told me that with my 1.25m dish a 13dB signal strength should be easily obtainable I wonder
to which locations this applies. Probably those  happy users are way North of me, UK, Scandinavia etc.
It would be helpful for my final efforts to know which LNB brands they use together with their 1m and 1.25m dishes
as well as their exact locations.

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